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The Planet Green Tree Service Difference

At Planet Green Tree Service, we are firm believers that trees make the world a better place. They provide us with verdant beauty, cool shade, and emergency shelter. They raise our home values, add personality to our neighborhoods, and provide us with clean air to breathe. When your home or business has well-maintained, healthy trees, everyone benefits. That's why we are so passionate about providing our customers with dependable tree services in the Lowcountry.

We believe that honest prices, state-of-the-art equipment, friendly arborists, and good old-fashioned hard work are what set us apart from our competition. With more than 33 years of service in South Carolina, you can rest easy knowing every member of the Planet Green team is committed to the following:

  • Conduct themselves in a professional manner
  • Provide you with exemplary tree care services
  • Arrive at your home or business on time and ready to work
  • Provide you with affordable service rates
  • Meet or exceed our industry standards
  • Utilize the utmost safety when removing or maintaining your trees or shrubs
  • Have full insurance to protect themselves and your home

Our customers mean a lot to us, which is why we strive to provide them the best, most helpful customer service in our industry. When you hire our company to perform a tree service in cityname, know that we take this responsibility seriously and will always treat your home like we would treat our own. At Planet Green Tree Service, you won't ever have to worry about sneaky hidden fees or outrageous pricing. We believe every homeowner and business owner should have access to affordable tree services, which is why we set our rates at reasonable levels. Our job is to protect your home, your trees, and also your wallet!

Whether your home has overgrown trees that need trimming or you have an unsightly stump that needs grinding, our team of tree experts is here to help. Curious what kind of tree care work we provide to homeowners in South Carolina?

Planet Green specializes in the following areas:

Tree Trimming in Hanahan

Have you noticed your favorite tree growing in a strange shape? Are your trees or shrubs so overgrown that it's making your property and home look unkempt? Are the trees near your home weighed down by dangerous dead branches? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, it might be time to speak with a Planet Green Tree Service professional to find a solution.

Like anything that lives, trees respond to their environment. When trees are not properly maintained, they can cause a whole host of problems for the homeowner. Overgrowth doesn't just look bad - it can be a potential safety hazard and liability for your home. To prevent this from happening, it's crucial that your trees are trimmed and pruned regularly. Trimming your trees and shrubs gives your home a tidy, appealing look and facilitates healthy plant and tree growth.

Because every tree and shrub is different, you must approach tree trimming with a plan. Before you start hacking at your trees with a machete, be sure to contact Planet Green Tree Service. Our team of expert arborists will come to your home and determine the best path to take for your tree trimming needs. We always take into account variables like the strengths, weaknesses, and species of your trees.

 Large Tree Removal Hanahan, SC

Benefits of Tree Trimming in Hanahan

For some folks, tree trimming seems like a minor detail in the grand scheme of homeownership. It can be a tedious job, but keeping your trees trimmed and well-maintained is more important than you might think. Below are just a few of the many benefits of keeping your trees and shrubs trimmed:

Tree Trimming in Hanahan

Tree Health

Part of the Planet Green pruning and trimming process includes the removal of damaged, broken, dead, and diseased branches. When ignored, these dead or dying branches can cause harmful fungi to wreak havoc on the trees around your home or business. Removing these weakened branches helps prevent fungi and keeps your trees healthy. In addition, tree trimming also lets more sunlight and air circulation reach your trees, boosting overall health.



As longtime residents of South Carolina, we know how dangerous hurricanes and heavy storms can be. Strong winds from these natural occurrences can cause branches to fall or even be carried away with significant force. This is concerning for many homeowners, especially those who have trees lining their driveways, recreational areas, and walking paths. When you trust Planet Green with your trimming needs, you are actually doing your part to "storm proof" your home from hazardous tree-related accidents. If you have low-hanging branches close to your roof or business, pruning these trees can provide more safety and overhead clearance. That way, don't have an anxiety attack every time a storm rolls through your neighborhood.



Nobody likes the look of an overgrown, disheveled tree. Tree trimming improves the general appearance of your tree and makes your whole yard and home look better. Tree trimming also prevents your trees from growing weak branches and crotches and helps stop branches from intertwining with one another.

Developmental Tree Trimming

Developmental Tree Trimming

Pruning younger trees is key to protecting them as they age. This vital tree service in Hanahan keeps young trees aesthetically appealing and promotes proper structural integrity and optimal branch structure. In addition, as your home's landscape matures, taking the time to trim young trees reduces the chance of expensive problems like tree failure.

 Local Tree Service Hanahan, SC

Types of Tree Trimming

Not all tree trimming services from Planet Green Tree Service are the same. Our experts specialize in a number of different tree trimming services to ensure you are getting the right kind of trim for the appropriate situation. Because even the smallest mistake can permanently affect your tree's health, we approach every tree trimming job with surgeon-like precision. That way, you know your trees are in capable, responsible hands.

Crown Reduction

Crown Reduction

When your trees age without the proper kind of care, they can develop too many branches on their interior. Trees like this give great shade, but too much is not a good sign. That's where crown reduction trimming comes in. By reducing the density of your tree's crown, our tree care experts improve its growth rate and health. Crown density reduction also promotes a longer lifespan and a more beautiful appearance.



As the name implies, deadwooding involves the trimming of dead wood from your trees. Often required in urban and suburban areas, deadwooding a tree makes it look more attractive and livelier, while maintaining the health of your tree's trunk by removing rotted branches. This process also makes it safer for kids and other people who walk underneath or near your tree that may be harmed by rotting branches that fall. Other tree trimming services that Planet Green offers include: hazardous tree assessments, shrub trimming, pruning, cabling, bracing, and corrective trimming.

Stump Removal in Hanahan

For most property owners, removing a tree can seem like a major project. While that notion certainly isn't wrong, tree removal is more straightforward and often easier than trying to remove an unsightly stump from your yard. Have you ever wondered why you see so many yards with stumps dotted around the land? It's because they're very difficult to remove. That is why Planet Green Tree Service has been offering stump removal services in South Carolina for more than 33 years. Our skilled stump removal experts bring a wealth of knowledge and cutting-edge tools to every stump removal project they tackle.

The fact of the matter is this: trying to remove a stump on your own is an incredible undertaking. Going the "DIY" route can take weeks to complete, even if you spend an hour or two every day. There's also the issue of operating heavy machinery (which costs time and money to rent) and even light fires to expedite the process, which is dangerous. For these reasons alone, we always recommend that you bring in a professional to remove your tree stump safely and effectively.

 Tree Service Hanahan, SC

Benefits of Stump Removal in Hanahan

Better Looking Yard

Better Looking Yard

If you are a homeowner that loves sculpted hedges, beautiful landscaping, and a tidy law, removing old tree stumps will feel like a huge weight off of your chest. Stump removal not only gives your home more curb appeal, it can actually raise the value of your home. This is particularly pertinent if you are thinking about listing your home for sale in the near future.

More Space

More Space

If your yard is small, even one stump can reduce the amount of space you have in your yard. If you spend a lot of time playing sports or just enjoying your yard space, stump removal is a huge help. After all, nobody wants to toss a football around if there are a bunch of old stumps that you must avoid. Stumps also take up considerable space below ground, with their complicated root systems. Stump removal will give you and your family more room to plant flowers, grow vegetables, install a water feature, and much more.

Eliminate Unwanted Growth

Eliminate Unwanted Growth

When you leave a tree stump in your yard, you could be setting yourself up for unwanted tree growth. This kind of new growth often results in clusters of small trees popping up around the base of the stump. This problem isn't just unsightly; it can be harmful to any plants near the stump because the new trees will suck up all the water and nutrients out of your soil.

Pest Prevention

Pest Prevention

Tree stumps are notorious for harboring all sorts of pests that can damage your hard and cause expensive problems in your home. We're talking wood borers, ants, termites, and beetles. If you want to do away with these pests and protect your home, the best course of action is to contact Planet Green Tree Service for a quote on our professional tree removal services.

 Tree Removal Hanahan, SC

Reduce Headaches

Sure, you could take the time to do your research on how to remove a stump. You could go to Home Depot, rent a high-powered stump grinder, and risk your health trying to operate it without training. You could spend every winking moment of your free time trying to grind the stump down so you can remove it from your yard. But why go through all that trouble when a trustworthy, experienced stump removal company like Planet Green Tree Service is only a phone call away?

Our team of stump removal professionals uses state-of-the-art tools designed to keep your property damage-free during the removal process. We will turn your yard into a beautiful blank slate, so you can focus on enjoying your stump-free while we haul away all the debris.

 Tree Pruning Hanahan, SC

Your Premier Tree Service Company in South Carolina

With 33 years of experience, it's no wonder why so many South Carolina locals choose Planet Green Tree Service for tree trimming and stump removal in their city. Clients love us because we believe in exceeding your expectations, no matter how large or small a job is.

  • Conduct themselves in a professional manner
  • Provide you with exemplary tree care services
  • Arrive at your home or business on time and ready to work
  • Provide you with affordable service rates

Contact our office to learn more about our tree services in South Carolina or to schedule your free quote today!

Latest News in Hanahan, SC

The 20 best golf courses in South Carolina (2022/2023)

The 18th hole at Kiawah Island's Ocean Course.As part of GOLF’s course rating process for 2022-23, our fleet of 100-plus expert panelists identified the best golf courses in South Carolina. Browse the links below to check out all of our course rankings, or scroll down to see the best courses in South Carolina.GOLF’s other course rankings: ...

The 18th hole at Kiawah Island's Ocean Course.

As part of GOLF’s course rating process for 2022-23, our fleet of 100-plus expert panelists identified the best golf courses in South Carolina. Browse the links below to check out all of our course rankings, or scroll down to see the best courses in South Carolina.

GOLF’s other course rankings: Top 100 Courses in the World | Top 100 Courses in the U.S. | Top 100 Courses You Can Play | Top 100 Value Courses in the U.S. | America’s Best Municipal Courses | The 100 Best Short Courses in the World

SYMBOL GUIDE1 = Top 100 Course in the U.S.P = Public/Resort CourseV = Top 100 Value Course in the U.S.M = Top 30 Municipal Course in the U.S.

Ed. note: Some courses were omitted from our rankings because they did not receive enough votes.

1. Kiawah Island – Ocean Course (Kiawah Island) [1, P]

The blend of tidal marshes, scrub-topped dunes, live oaks and the soothing sound of the Atlantic on every hole make this one of the South’s most memorable playing experiences. Though the course just turned 30 years old, it already has an illustrious history of hosting big-time events, none more memorable than the drama-filled 1991 “War by the Shore” Ryder Cup. Much more short grass has been added around the green complexes since then and now the design is more thought-provoking rather than terror-inducing. Many of its greens are plateaued, with some of the more pronounced coming on the 3rd, 11th and 14th holes. Phil Mickelson more than handled the putting surfaces on his way to his historic win at the 2021 PGA Championship.

2. Yeamans Hall (Hanahan) [1]

Marrying classic Seth Raynor design with coastal South Carolina topography, Yeamans presents a charming tour of Redan, Biarritz and Road holes woven through marshland and magnificent live oaks. Over the years, the course’s original wonder faded as bunkers grew in and green complexes shrank. But a two decade-long renovation based on Raynor’s original property maps — discovered in the clubhouse attic — has returned this Golden Age masterpiece to its original brilliance.

3. Harbour Town (Hilton Head Island) [1, P]

The professionals weren’t sure what to make of Harbour Town when they first tangled with it in 1969. Unlike other courses built in that timeframe, this design by Nicklaus and Dye didn’t rely on length as much as it did in demanding accuracy off the tee as the golfer shaped shots around live oaks and stately pines. Precise iron play on the uniquely configured greens was also a must. But soon pros found standout holes abound, including the V-shaped green at the short 9th and the finishing stretch from 13 in. Pete and Alice Dye’s trip to Scotland in the mid-1960s proved the genesis for bulwarking the 13th green with railroad ties. Even 50+ years after the course opened, Harbour Town’s exemplar holes remain as compelling and interesting as anything modern architecture has to offer.

4. Congaree (Ridgeland) [1]

The number of par-4s on a course generally outnumber its par-5s and par-3s, and as such, go a long way in defining a course’s quality. The better the range of such holes, the better the course. From two of Fazio’s all-time finest short two-shotters (the 3rd and 15th) to some of his best long ones (the 6th, 11th and 17th) this design excels. Layer on the club’s desire for the fastest, firmest playing surfaces possible and the course flourishes.

5. Palmetto GC (Aiken) [1]

One of the great starts to the game with a series of diverse two-shotters leading the golfer well away from the Stanford White clubhouse. Each green is so good, and no surprise why: Alister MacKenzie lent a hand to them when he was working in neighboring Augusta. Picking favorite holes is difficult in the wake of Gil Hanse’s excellent restoration. Two of the best, though, are the one-shot 7th, with its shelf green reminding many of the 6th at Royal Dornoch, and the par-5 14th, which falls downhill in the most appealing manner imaginable. The finish is fascinating, too, with a couple of short par-4s in the final four. That works at Prestwick in Scotland, and it works here too.

6. Long Cove (Hilton Head Island)

7. Chechessee Creek (Okatie)

8. Secession (Beaufort)

9. CC of Charleston (Charleston)

10. Sage Valley (Graniteville)

11. May River – Palmetto Bluff (Bluffton) [P]

12. The Dunes (Myrtle Beach) [P]

13. Kiawah Island – River (Kiawah Island) [P]

14. Bulls Bay (Awendaw)

15. Caledonia (Pawleys Island) [P]

16. Kiawah Island – Cassique (Kiawah Island) [P]

17. Greenville – Chanticleer (Greenville)

18. Camden (Camden)

19. Old Tabby Links (Okatie)

20. Musgrove Mill (Clinton)

For GOLF’s course rankings lists, each panelist is provided a list of hundreds of courses and “buckets,” or groupings. If they believe the course to be among the best in its category (World, U.S. Value, etc.), they check the corresponding box to place it in a specific bucket. Panelists are also free to write in courses they felt should have been included on the ballot. Points were assigned to each bucket; to arrive at an average score for each course, we divide its aggregate score by the number of votes. From those point tallies, the courses are then ranked accordingly.

The key to the process is the experience and expertise of our panel. Hailing from 15 nations and all the worldwide golf meccas, each of our 115 handpicked panelists has a keen eye for architecture, both regionally and globally. Many of our panelists have played more than 1,000 courses in 20-plus countries.

Because we don’t prescribe a set method to assess courses as other ranks do, no one opinion carries the day — our rank is a democracy. Some panelists believe that enjoyment is the ultimate goal, and thus prioritize design attributes such as width and playing angles, while frowning on upon having to constantly hunt for balls in thick rough. Other panelists value challenge and the demands of hitting every club in the bag. Still others consider a course’s surroundings and overall environment of paramount importance, thereby emphasizing the setting and naturalness of the course. In the end, allowing raters to freely express their tastes is what produces the desired eclecticism in our Top 100 lists.

High School Scoop - Thursday December 22, 2022

Since 1999, all sources remain confidential. Mail@FootballScoop.com or 225.229.3429Fleming Island (FL): Chad Parker has accepted the head coaching job.Loyola Academy (Wilmette, IL): Loyola Academy is looking to hire a new head coach. The Head Football Coach is responsible for staffing at all aspects of the Football Program (Freshman A/B, Sophomore and Varsity), scheduling opponents (in conjunction with the Athletic Dire...

Since 1999, all sources remain confidential. Mail@FootballScoop.com or 225.229.3429

Fleming Island (FL): Chad Parker has accepted the head coaching job.

Loyola Academy (Wilmette, IL): Loyola Academy is looking to hire a new head coach. The Head Football Coach is responsible for staffing at all aspects of the Football Program (Freshman A/B, Sophomore and Varsity), scheduling opponents (in conjunction with the Athletic Director), strength & conditioning (off season & in season program), and coaching team members. Interested parties can apply via this link.

Western (Las Vegas, NV): Western HS is completing its new staff and has openings for coaches at multiple positions. Coordinator positions will be considered for qualified candidates. There are several teaching and non faculty positions on campus. Candidates with college experience or HS coordinator experience will be given preference. Candidates seeking teaching positions must have or be able to obtain a Nevada Teachers License. Interested applicants should contact Athletic Director John Norton at nortoj@nv.ccsd.net.

Masters of Sports Administration: Looking for an exceptional, convenient education to advance or kick off your career in sports? UIU’s Master of Sport Administration is delivered entirely online. As a graduate, you will understand the organizational, financial, personnel and technology issues involved in sport and sport business and have a greater understanding of the needs within athletic departments in high school, college, and professional sports.

Loyola Academy (Wilmette, IL): After 17 years, and three state titles head coach John Holecek is retiring from coaching high school football.

Glazier Clinics: You don’t want to miss out on these cutting-edge football talks. Gain an edge next year over your opponent → https://www.glazierclinics.com/coaching-clinics-2023

Wellington Community (FL): Wellington Community HS is seeking applicants for the position of Varsity Head Football Coach. The selected candidate will oversee, and be responsible, for the all operations related to the football program. This will include all three teams - Freshmen, JV and Varsity. If you are interested in applying, please forward your résumé, letter of interest, and the contact information for at least three references to Athletic Director, Robert Callovi, via email at robert.callovi@palmbeachschools.org.

Hanahan (SC): Hanahan HS has an opening for a Head Football Coach/teaching position (position TBD). We are a 3A school, located just outside of Charleston, SC in the Berkeley County School District. All interested applicants should apply at www.bcsdschools.net and email a letter of interest and resume to our Athletic Director Kim Joseph at josephk@bcsdschools.net. The position will close on December 29.

Lottery wins of 2022: A look back at people 'hitting the jackpot'

Jackpot CEO reveals plan to digitize the lottery industry00:0000:0006:44GO LIVEFacebookTwitterEmailEmbedSpeedNormalAutoplayWhile it’s unclear if 2023 will be your year, some people won big in 2022.From multimillion-dollar and multibillion-dollar jackpot drawings to five- and six-figure scratch-off tickets, here are 10 lottery stories that captured national and internatio...

Jackpot CEO reveals plan to digitize the lottery industry


00:0006:44GO LIVE







While it’s unclear if 2023 will be your year, some people won big in 2022.

From multimillion-dollar and multibillion-dollar jackpot drawings to five- and six-figure scratch-off tickets, here are 10 lottery stories that captured national and international attention in the last 12 months.

(AP Photo/Keith Srakocic and AP Photo/Godofredo A. Vásquez / AP Newsroom)

Joe Chahayed, the owner of Joe's Service Center in Altadena, California, earned a $1 million maximum bonus in November for selling a winning $2.04 billion-dollar Powerball ticket, according to FOX 11 Los Angeles.

The winner of the record-breaking multi-state lottery jackpot is unknown. Powerball winners have 90 days to one year to claim their prize depending on the ticket’s selling jurisdiction, according to the lottery board’s website.

The Powerball is played in 45 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

A man in the People’s Republic of China reportedly won $30 million from the Guangxi Welfare Lottery, a regional lottery that raises money for public welfare, including care centers for the elderly, disabled, orphaned and financially disadvantaged.

The man anonymously claimed his prize Oct. 24 under the alias "Mr. Li," and he did so while wearing a yellow mascot costume that represents the Guangxi Welfare Lottery. Mr Li told the lottery board he planned to hide his winnings from his wife, children, extended family and friends until he figured out what to do with the money.

Mary Starks of Davenport, Iowa, won $100,000 from a "Hit it Big!" scratch-off game issued by the Iowa Lottery Authority, a state-run lottery board that donates proceeds to veterans, military and public safety families, local tourism and schools.

Starks previously won $100,000 from a different scratch game in March 2020. She claimed her more recent prize Sept. 13. The two-time lottery winner told the Iowa Lottery she plans to use her winnings to pay off debt and start a new business.

Lori Janes, an office manager at a dental office in Louisville, Kentucky, won $175,000 from a Hit The Jackpot scratch-off game issued by the Kentucky Lottery Corporation, a state-run lottery board that donates proceeds to fund college scholarships, grants and programs.


Janes got her winning ticket at a white elephant gift exchange hosted by her company’s recent holiday party. She claimed her prize in December and took home $124,250 after taxes, according to the Kentucky Lottery’s Dec. 13 press release.

Janes told the Kentucky Lottery she plans to use her winnings to pay off family vehicles and her daughter’s student loans.

Dalton Radford, 18, of Dallas, North Carolina, won $1 million from a Carolina Jackpot scratch-off game issued by the North Carolina Education Lottery, a state-run lottery that raises money for schools, students and education programs.

Radford, a public works employee, told the lottery board he was on his way to his second job when he won his Instant Ticket prize. He claimed his prize Dec. 6 and took the lump sum, which left him with $426,063 after state and federal tax withholdings. The teen told the NC Education Lottery he plans to buy a new vehicle and save the rest of his winnings.

The Grand Lotto, a regional lottery board in the Republic of the Philippines, confirmed at least 433 people won a $4 million jackpot in October.

The lottery board, which is based in Intramuros, Manila, Philippines, and is operated by the government-run Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office, issued a statement that many of the drawn numbers had a multiple of 9.

Winners of the lottery reportedly claimed their prizes Oct. 1, and each winner took home nearly $10,000 after the money was divided by lottery officials.

A lottery player in Florida reportedly purchased a winning Mega Millions ticket valued at $494 million in August, but the winner has yet to come forward, according to The Associated Press.

The ticket was reportedly purchased in Fort Myers from a 7-Eleven, according to officials from the Florida Lottery, a state-run lottery that donates proceeds to public education funds in the Sunshine State.

The winner remained unidentified even after Hurricane Ian made landfall in southwest Florida Sept. 28, The Associated Press reported. Florida Lottery Draw players have 180 days to claim their prize while scratch-off or Fast Play players have 270 days to claim their prize, according to the lottery board’s website.

A man won $100,000 from a Powerball ticket sold by a Kwik Fill gas station in Hanahan, South Carolina, according to a press release issued by the South Carolina Education Lottery, which is a state-run lottery board that benefits scholarship and grant funds in The Palmetto State.

The man claimed his prize anonymously in June and used part of his winnings to purchase a new car, according to the SC Education Lottery.

The man told lottery officials he committed himself to three months of weekly lottery playing, which he budgeted to $25 per week. He reportedly started playing the lottery after watching an episode of TLC’s documentary series, "Lottery Changed My Life."

Jose Flores Velasquez of Annandale, Virginia, won $1 million in August from playing the 20X the Money scratcher game issued by the Virginia Lottery, but he only learned about his seven-figure prize a month later, the lottery board reported in a press release Sept. 6.

Flores Velasquez bought his winning ticket from a Safeway supermarket while he purchased packs of soda. He reportedly thought he won $600 and was surprised to learn he was one of the game's top winners.

Flores Velasquez chose the one-time cash option, which totaled $759,878 before taxes, according to the Virginia Lottery, which donates proceeds to K-12 public education in the state.

Two lottery players in Illinois won the $1.337 billion Mega Millions jackpot in July, according to the Illinois State Lottery, which donates proceeds to fund public education, capital projects and special causes.

The anonymous pair reportedly played a single ticket they purchased in a Chicago suburb on July 29 and split their winnings. The duo opted for the lump sum payment and split the $780.5 million prize, according to a press release issued by the Illinois Lottery.

Hanahan creates master plan, looks to revitalize town center with new businesses

HANAHAN, S.C. (WCIV) — Hanahan wants to expand.The city of Hanahan has developed a master plan to revitalize its town center and bring more businesses to the area.Kristen O'Neill is a part owner of Theory Collective in Hanahan. The hair salon opened about a year ago."Our team is growing...

HANAHAN, S.C. (WCIV) — Hanahan wants to expand.

The city of Hanahan has developed a master plan to revitalize its town center and bring more businesses to the area.

Kristen O'Neill is a part owner of Theory Collective in Hanahan. The hair salon opened about a year ago.

"Our team is growing. It's great. We offer more services and see more clients," said O'Neill.

O’Neill said she is happy the city is working to bring in more businesses. She thinks more storefronts could mean more traffic at the salon.

"I think it would be great, I mean, especially on Yeamans Hall Road, there is not a whole lot. There's gas stations. It would be great to get a bite to eat up the road," said O'Neill.

She thinks it would be great to work with new businesses.

"We love partnering with local businesses. We have done it in the past and we will do it in the future. However we can support local businesses, we will," said O'Neill.

Mayor Christie Rainwater says there are things that are missing from the city.

"The truth is, we are missing quality businesses, restaurants, boutiques. That’s something people want to see come in. They don’t want to have to go to North Charleston or a neighboring city to go to the doctor," said Mayor Rainwater.

She wants to know what residents see for the future of the town center.

The plan is something they can use to present to those who are interested in coming to the area.

"It really gives us resources that we need to present to people who would like to bring their development or business to Hanahan, and say this is where it may fit best," said the mayor.

The city wants to continue hearing from residents. They have a survey on their website at cityofhanahan.com.

"If you have a dream inside of you and you want to bring it to the downtown of Hanahan, we would love to work with you to do that," said Rainwater.

Aberrant hyperexpression of the RNA binding protein FMRP in tumors mediates immune evasion

FMRP and tumor immunityMany tumors have developed mechanisms rendering them resistant to attack and destruction by the immune system. Zeng et al. report that fragile X mental retardation protein (FMRP) is highly expressed in human cancers, and they propose that it is involved in antitumor immunity. FMRP is best known as an RNA-binding protein that regulates the stability and translation of neuronal RNAs. By genetically inactivating the FMRP gene in mouse cancer cells, the researchers found that FMRP-deficient tumors had reduc...

FMRP and tumor immunity

Many tumors have developed mechanisms rendering them resistant to attack and destruction by the immune system. Zeng et al. report that fragile X mental retardation protein (FMRP) is highly expressed in human cancers, and they propose that it is involved in antitumor immunity. FMRP is best known as an RNA-binding protein that regulates the stability and translation of neuronal RNAs. By genetically inactivating the FMRP gene in mouse cancer cells, the researchers found that FMRP-deficient tumors had reduced growth and were more susceptible to attack by T lymphocytes. Tumor cells lacking FMRP showed remodeling of the tumor microenvironment, macrophage polarization, and upregulation of the chemokines involved in effector CD8+ T cell recruitment. —PNK

Structured Abstract

Cancer biology and therapy have been transformed by knowledge about immunoregulatory mechanisms that govern adaptive immunity. Although some forms of treatment resistance are related to the intentionally transitory operations of the adaptive immune system, others reflect more subtle requirements to modulate the immune system in different contexts. In this work, we identified an immunoregulatory mechanism involving the neuronal RNA binding protein fragile X mental retardation protein (FMRP), which broadly regulates protein translation and mRNA stability and is aberrantly up-regulated in multiple forms of cancer.

This study was motivated by reports that cancer cells naturally overexpressing FMRP, whose loss of expression in developing neurons causes cognitive defects, were invasive and metastatic. We investigated the expression of FMRP in human tumors, further assessed its tumor-promoting functions in mouse models of cancer, and evaluated its association with prognosis for human cancer patients.

When human tumor tissue microarrays were immunostained for expression of FMRP, a majority of tumors expressed FMRP, whereas cognate normal tissues did not. To investigate the functional significance of this broad up-regulation, the FMR1 gene was ablated through CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing (FMRP-KO, where KO indicates knockout) in mouse cancer cell lines that were inoculated into both immunodeficient and syngeneic immunocompetent mice to establish tumors in parallel with wild-type (WT) FMRP-expressing cell lines. Mice bearing FMRP-KO tumors had similar survival compared with isogenic WT tumors in immunodeficient hosts, indicating that FMRP was not involved in stimulating tumor growth per se. By contrast, tumor growth was impaired and survival extended in immunocompetent hosts, implicating the adaptive immune system. Indeed, FMRP-expressing WT tumors were largely devoid of T cells, whereas FMRP-KO tumors were highly inflamed. Depletion of CD8 and CD4 T cells restored tumor growth and reduced survival, implicating FMRP in immune evasion in WT tumors. WT and FMRP-KO tumors were profiled by single-cell RNA sequencing, revealing marked differences in genome-wide transcription and abundance of cancer cells, macrophages, and T cells. To elucidate the effects of this multifaceted regulatory protein, we performed several functional perturbations, revealing that: FMRP-expressing cancer cells produce the chemokine interleukin-33 (IL-33), which induces regulatory T cells, as well as tumor-secreted protein S (PROS1) ligand and exosomes that elicit tumor-promoting (M2) macrophages. Both cell types are immunosuppressive, collectively contributing to the barrier against T cell attack. By contrast, FMRP-KO cancer cells down-regulate all three factors and up-regulate C-C motif chemokine ligand 7 (CCL7), which helps recruit and activate T cells. Additionally, immunostimulatory macrophages develop in this context that express three proinflammatory chemokines—CCL5, CXCL9, and CXCL10—which cooperate with CCL7 in recruiting T cells. Finally, neither FMR1 mRNA nor FMRP protein levels were sufficient to predict outcomes in cohorts of cancer patients. Recognizing FMRP’s function as an RNA binding protein that modulates mRNA stability and hence levels in transcriptome datasets, a gene signature reflecting FMRP’s cancer regulatory activity (involving 156 genes) was developed by comparing FMRP-expressing versus FMRP-deficient cancer cells, both in culture and within tumors. Our FMRP cancer activity signature was prognostic for survival across multiple human cancers; anticorrelated with the intensity of T cell infiltration in different tumor types, consistent with FMRP’s immunosuppressive effects; and was associated with comparatively poor responses to immune checkpoint inhibitors and immune-dependent chemotherapy in selected cohorts.

FMRP is revealed as a regulator of a network of genes and cells in the tumor microenvironment that contribute to the capability of tumors to evade immune destruction.


Many human cancers manifest the capability to circumvent attack by the adaptive immune system. In this work, we identified a component of immune evasion that involves frequent up-regulation of fragile X mental retardation protein (FMRP) in solid tumors. FMRP represses immune attack, as revealed by cancer cells engineered to lack its expression. FMRP-deficient tumors were infiltrated by activated T cells that impaired tumor growth and enhanced survival in mice. Mechanistically, FMRP’s immunosuppression was multifactorial, involving repression of the chemoattractant C-C motif chemokine ligand 7 (CCL7) concomitant with up-regulation of three immunomodulators—interleukin-33 (IL-33), tumor-secreted protein S (PROS1), and extracellular vesicles. Gene signatures associate FMRP’s cancer network with poor prognosis and response to therapy in cancer patients. Collectively, FMRP is implicated as a regulator that orchestrates a multifaceted barrier to antitumor immune responses.


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